UV Lab is a result of the necessity for artistic expression of a collective of architects, designers, and artists that share the same passion.


A design studio with a vision, a means, and an open approach to experimentation; 

UV Lab unites eclectic skills to continuously evolve new artistic experiences. The outcome commands a collaborative effort and combines a wide range of artistic solutions, varying uniquely from sculpture, installation, live performance, architecture, animation, to projection mapping. The medium is fluid, transversing between the boundaries of the physical object and light. The aim is achieving harmony between the visual and the auditory to create an Experience. 


In the past years, UV Lab has manifested a variety of unique experiences. Forest frequencies, Full Moon Party, and the Tree of Life Festival Promo Party are just an example of the diverse events UV Lab has contributed to.  


On the road between Damascus and Beirut, in the summer of 2014, we gathered, we experimented, we learned, and we continue to experiment. 




Khaled Alwarea

Architect & Artist

Mike Shnsho

Stage Designer & Visual Artist

Batuhan Güven

Visual Mapping & Designer

Zena El Abdalla

Architect & Artist

Martin Marchef

Stage Designer & Visual Artist

Valeria Ferrara


Hakan Hısım

Digital Artist & VJ

Fahed Al’dayni


Sandy Kastoun

Painter & Visual Artist

Jabi Stultitia


Nergiz Dukan

Painter & Artist

Hüseyin Dal


Benjamin Solothurnmann


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