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Güven | كوفين



Batuhan Guven aka Axis Mundi Project started his art career during first school ages. He got interested with music at the same time. After finishing the school in 2009, he started to work within many different art concepts in same the he finished Interactive Media workshops & institute. He set up his own workshop in 2009-10 while working for F5 Productions as a VJ and art assistant in Istanbul, Turkey.


Meanwhile, he was in a close relationship with Pixie Underground and through there he had chance to focus on the music genre he liked which was D&B - Dub. Having a brief experience, he started DJing on this genre. When he was at university, he improved himself at many interactive art fields and VJing & Decoration. As a result he had chance to work for many local and international art productions as a VJ and  Deco artist. During this period he also started to organise interactive art events and galleries under the name of ‘Axis Mundi Project’.

Even if he had interest into psychedelic art before then, he started working on it at Tree Of Life Festival in 2012 by setting up a Psy-Cinema just like he started playing psytrance at Freaks In Love Festival in 2014. Other than these festivals he also did VJing & DJing and worked at art teams at ‘Ayata Festival , Neon Festival, Psy-Boutique Festival,Tree of life Festival,Chill out Festival , One love festival , Elektropol festivals ’ and many more events in Turkey since 2012, as well as many events in Goa. �2014 Mike Shnsho & Batuhan Güven meet first time in İstanbul and start to think about future together.In same time Mike and Khaled was working on “ UV LAB” Project. In February 2015, Batuhan Guven & Onur Kalafat created the first Psychedelic Art Gallery of Turkey with the same name , aiming to put many different art groups together and they did many times.


In 2015 also Batuhan Güven offically joined Uv Lab and started to create all together. With the same purpose they organised the first psychedelic art festival of the country; CO:IN Festival in 2016.

Axis Mundi is Batuhan , he created a dark twilight DJ project 2014 ; HydraMorph a.k.a Anarchia ; linked to Annuna Records in Goa in 2016. Nowadays he is also a resident DJ at Crystal Kids in Istanbul, Turkey. �Batuhan Güven working with Mike Shnsho & UV-Lab since 2014 ,at many parties and festivals .

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