Forest Soul Gathering

Forest Soul Electronic Music gathering

Outdoor Arts & Electronic Music Festival

Timescale:     7 days
Organizers:   forestsoulgathering


Roof design: UV lab


Production artist: MD Faleria Ferrara, Lena Lenowska, and Alexander Tenia.
Big thanks to king Carpenter Morais Vlidox for helping us, Pedro Fv, Edoardo Artaria, Lucho Ostiglia, Andrea Ninjah Chiariello, Teodora and more...

Photographers; MoonsShot and forest soul org

Forest soul gathering The 5-day summer event, is "committed to encouraging artists of all mediums to explore the depths of their imagination, to boldly produce work that is beautiful, peculiar and thought-provoking.

The aim is to create an environment of peculiar content that "is yet to be seen" in the realm of electronic music by blending a celebration of psychedelic trance influences with collected artistries and craftsmanships from urban art scenes from all around the world united as one family.

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