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Hakan Hısım


I am deeply inspired by the organic technology of nature, various ancient mythologies, syncretism, altered states of consciousness and the infinite complexity of the tryptamine trance state. I have been a student of the mystery traditions, Alchemy and esoteric concepts for most of my life and they have had a very strong impact on fueling my creativity.

My art is mainly manifested by attempting to express the visions I have experienced in deep trance states, dreams and meditations. However some do come about by playing with forms, geometry and symmetry, slowly but surely after some time an image, and a story begins to come to life on the screen and my process is to continue to keep building on that foundation.


His artworks are published in “Alchemistas – Beyond the Veil” and The Forbidden Fruit. His art is also featured in the Alchemistas Visionary Art app (which he also created the interface for).


Hakan Hısım is a contributing active artist among such collectives as: Shanti Planti, Technoshaman Collective, The Acidmath Community, SolPurpose, The Concave. He is also the co-founder of Pixel Parellax, specializing in projection mapping, video production and live video performances.


He is also the Label VJ and Design Artist of BMSS Records, Conclave Records, and Transcendence Records

He also has created a new project and website from his “Universal Transmissions” Series Here

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