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Martin Marchef | UVLAB





Martin Marchef was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1975. He is a self-taught artist exploring the fields of sculpture, carving and installation design. Working mainly with natural materials – wood, clay, stones and driftwood,  Martin puts equal fascination in art of any scale, ranging from miniature carving and jewellery to large land art objects and installations.


With many years of experience in carpentry and construction, he constantly challenges himself, experimenting with tools, styles and techniques.  Beginning his work experience for electronic events as a technical support team member for Artmospheric festival (BG) in 2005, in the years that followed Martin put his effort and contributed to many stage and facilities construction projects for psy trance festivals around Europe.


He made his first steps playing with land art objects and sculptural installations some ten years ago, and in the recent years his perception of shape, understanding of structure and technical knowledge has allowed him to become part of several outstanding stage deco projects in Europe and Asia.

Stage Designs by | Martin Marchef


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