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MIgrating Star By UV LAB-1.jpg

Migrating Star 

The Walk With Amal

Dover Castle, UK 2021

Site-Specific Sculpture by UV LAB

For The Walk With Amal

With the support of Future Foundry and English Heritage

Production Team: Khaled Alwarea, MIke Shnsho

Made mostly of proclaimed wood Migrating Star is an Architectural intervention in Dover Castle, a UNESCO world heritage site. A lighthouse-inspired sculpture-Migrating Star is erected meters away from the ancient Roman pharos, one of two still standing in the world. It served as a beacon of hope to guide little Amal -the refugee child puppet- through the shortest sea crossing between Britain and continental Europe.


The Skin is entirely made of retired pallet wood, which we like to imagine has traveled all over the globe, to finally reside on this monument that is dedicated to refugees and migrants. 

The Structure was the highlight of "Walk with Amal Dover Welcome Event - Light Guides The Way"  with a procession of 500 Lanterns that welcomed little Amal a puppet of a refugee child to Dover.

Little Amal is a giant 3.5m puppet of a refugee child who traveled 8,000km to highlight the plight of child refugees.


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