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Solarado Festival

Solar Eclipse Celebration

Outdoor Arts & Electronic Music Festival​

Timescale:     7 days​
Organizers:   Solarado

                       UV LAB

Design:                     Mike Shnsho

Spray Painting:         Batuhan Güven

Execution Team:      Mike Shnsho, Batuhan Güven,

                                 Mert Toygarte, Volkan Karadag,

                                 Jadi Stultitia, Hüseyin Dal

Köyceğiz, Turkey, 2018​ 

 In beautiful nature of Köyceğiz at the night of Solar Eclipse and under the greatest meteor shower, days of work with love, peace and good vibes. Solarado fest is one of UV Labs familys' greatest honor to take part in decoration and organization. Creating peaceful environment with passion has become alive in Solarado Solar Eclipse Celebration.

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